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What is it?

We offer a proofreading service that goes hand in hand with translated content, perfect for making sure your text is grammatically, stylistically and technically correct. We use CAT software and QA tools to compare source and target texts side by side and pick out potential issues.

We also provide monolingual proofreading for texts that haven't been translated but need a fresh pair of eyes.

As a provider of localization services, our priority is domesticating content, making it seem as if it written by a native in the first place.

To achieve this, we always use native linguists from our team when translating and proofreading and place particular emphasis on making sure that output is authentic and professional to the target reader's eyes.

What we offer


  • Monolingual:




  • Bilingual comparison:

All pairs listed in our language combination table.

Revision features

  • Spellcheck

  • Numbers and figures

  • Punctuation and formatting

  • Misunderstandings and cultural transfer

  • Key message transfer

  • Adherence to style guide/brand voice

  • Comparison with other content if needed

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