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A new beginning: The logic of a new venture in uncertain times

Uncertainty: it's a blessing and a curse. The same factor that can cause economies to collapse can also spark hope in unexpected places, despite a general and ominous sense of despair. It may be of some comfort to us that hope itself depends on a foundation of uncertainty.

I'm not here to say that hope is all you need or is all that matters when hope cannot pay our bills, support our grandparents or keep us healthy. What I can state for certain is that hope makes us dream, and dreams are fertile ground for the development of ideas that may help us come out the other side of crises better than we entered them.

A little while ago, as panic in the supermarkets came to a head, I decided to set aside an area in my garden and the plant vegetables I could. Originally, this was to help with future shortages, but now as the supermarkets are managing to replenish their shelves to almost pre-COVID levels, I see the potential fruits of my efforts as coming as a pleasant surprise after this year's crisis begins to come to a close; a positive outcome from using my time and resources, the fertile ground I had available.

It's been a little over a week now since we launched the renewed website for MC Linguistic Services and subsequently unveiled its transformation into a team of talented linguists. Some might consider a venture of this nature in these volatile times to be rather bizarre. Even if I hadn't been planning this restructuring for months, I still would have made the decision to set about it now. Yes, reforming your brand can be costly: website hosting, investing in new tools etc. But what costs so very little, if anything, is reaching out to like-minded people and keeping connections alive.

When my team and I have our regular online meetings, we are aware of the risks the future holds, but we choose to focus on what we can control. We are excited, not necessarily for what is to come, but for the present. Some might call this gratitude, but it's more than that. Either way, we are not letting the situation disrupt how happy we are that we have a new website, that we have a blog tool at our disposal, that support from fellow linguists has been overwhelming.

We are also realistic. We do not expect a surge of work, but neither do we believe that we must hibernate until the dust settles. We believe in the power of cooperation, in harnessing the connections and resources that we currently have available to be ready for whatever comes our way. We are building on that fertile ground for ideas, sowing the seeds so that we may have something positive to offer in the months ahead.

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