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Mathew Cocks

Matthew Cocks

Team Leader & Spanish

and Portuguese Communications Specialist

Matthew founded MC Linguistic Services after completing both an MA in Translation and Interpreting and a BA (Hons) (Uni. of Surrey) in Spanish with Accelerated Portuguese (Uni. of Southampton) and handles content in these languages. He has a passion for languages, sociology and all things marketing. Matthew is also a regular contributor to industry magazine the ITI Bulletin where he discusses issues such as mental diversity and career events.

Hayley Smith[22245].jpg

Hayley Smith

Associate English Proofreader & French Communications Specialist

With a BA (Hons) in French Studies (University of London Institute in Paris) as well as an MA in Translation (Uni. of Surrey), Hayley acts as proofreader for direct client texts prior to delivery and as translator for French-English content. Her expertise includes both luxury and pharmaceutical marketing, with a background in both of these areas. Hayley also provides consultation on French cultural and linguistic matters.


Sabrina Toscani


Communications Specialist

Sabrina is an experienced translator and interpreter, working with English, Italian and Spanish. Her expertise lies in marketing, interior design and football, among other subject areas. She holds an MA in Translation and Interpreting, as well as a standalone course in Simultaneous Interpreting (Uni. of Surrey), taken after completing a BA in European Languages and Cultures (English, Spanish & Russian; Uni. of Modena Reggio Emilia).


Nuno Fragoso

Portuguese Communications Specialist

Nuno holds an MA in Translation and Interpreting (Uni. of Surrey) as well as a BA in Philosophy (Uni. of Lisbon), backed up by over three years of experience in the language industry, with ample knowledge of its administrative proceedings and logistical protocol.

Language combinations


  • Native language: English (UK)

  • Translates: Spanish to English; Portuguese to English

  • Interprets: Spanish to and from English

  • Proofreads: English


  • Native language: English (UK)

  • Translates: French to English

  • Proofreads: English


  • Native language: Italian

  • Translates: English to Italian; Spanish to Italian

  • Interprets: Italian to and from English

  • Proofreads: Italian


  • Native language: Portuguese (Portugal)

  • Translates: English to Portuguese; Spanish to Portuguese; Italian to Portuguese

  • Interprets: Portuguese to and from English

  • Proofreads: Portuguese

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