Ethos & strategies

Any linguist knows that words barely scratch the surface when it comes to conveying a message. What truly opens the door to accurate and effective communication is the proper representation of meaning. When producing a translation or interpreting, one of the most active processes that I engage in is selecting the appropriate tone, gestures, and terminology to not only say what you say, but to mean it too.
As my client, I am here to represent you and your message. Be the task written or spoken, your exact needs are my priority. What do I mean by this? By taking me on as your translator or interpreter, you have full control over how you wish your message to be communicated: style, tone, register, vocabulary. While these are all factors I will render automatically by default, it is also entirely within my services for you to tell me how you wish to be heard or read, and I will adapt my delivery accordingly. There may be a certain set of vocabulary you wish me to use, a certain style of posturing or gestures, or simply a general attitude that represents your organization or goals.
To bridge the gap between sender and recipient isn't fully feasible without good knowledge of their cultures. Words can be exchanged to your heart's content, but if they don't resonate with the audience on the other side, their meaning is lost. What's more, many languages are divided into regional and national variants that can differ significantly in terms of acceptable words to use, and common cultural knowledge. There are many words in Spanish, for example, that if used in one country are completely acceptable as everyday language, but if used in another can be interpreted as obscenely offensive. Similarly with cultural concepts, the scope of many events, celebrations, celebrity figures, and politicians is often limited to national and sometimes regional borders. It is my job to compile a thorough awareness of these factors and be sensitive to the target audience of the task at all times.
With each given assignment, I undertake thorough research into the appropriate semantic field. From titles to tax laws, from acronyms to aeronautics; with my services, your sector becomes temporary domain. Through the use of corpora, terminological databases, multilingual dictionaries, and comparisons of parallel texts, I strive to make the intended points as clear as you intend them to be. Through this rigorous research process, it is my aim to avoid ambiguous and confusing clouds of terminology that may obstruct fluid dialogue and skew your original message.
Interpreters and translators are often considered to be communicative bridges between parties. This is entirely true, but this only entails the act of transferring source meaning to target meaning. While this act is intensive and very effective, not to mention the fundamental foundations for my field, I believe that an additional factor is missing: Being on your side.

Impartiality is crucial, I cannot and will not let any aspect of my personal beliefs or experience influence the message that any party in any assignment wishes to express. Separate from this, however, is knowing your intentions, getting them across to your audience, and making them known. This is where my services can aid you not just in being heard, but in changing the status quo. This doesn't just come in the form of using the correct words either, but also, in interpreting sessions, it may often be necessary for me to actively provide explanations, clarifications, and helpful pointers. Extra-dialogal waypoints such as these, as well as their appropriate use, can often be a well-needed catalyst for encouraging and maintaining clear, comprehensible, and fluid communication.
When using my services, I guarantee that whatever task is required will be delivered with utmost professionalism and respect. This applies both to my physical presence in interpreting sessions, in which you can expect my presentation to reflect both the surroundings and the standards you wish to convey, and to distance work, in which you can expect clear and punctual communication with me via email or telephone. As someone who understands the importance of efficiency and a respectful image, I put great emphasis on providing a high quality service for you at all times, from start to finish.